milo (milo_lungs) wrote in girl_punks,

Fill this out so we can know who you are
1. Name: Not telling, you can call me Milo
2. Age: I died long ago =]
3. Location: Armpit, Australia [haha, no, its not really called that]
4. 10 favorite bands or more: Hrmm, I cant choose 10. I dont just like punk. Alphabetical;
Alkaline Trio,Bauhaus, the Casualties, Christian Death, Crass, Dead Kennedys, The Exploited, GBH, The Grates, Joy Division, Lower Class Brats, Nekromantix, The Pixies, Rancid, The Smiths, Subhumans, Zeromancer
5. Favorite movies: I dont watch tv or movies much, but Tim Burton's Vincent and Harvie Krumpet is the greatest!
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